Potential New P.O.R.T-funded Research In The Peer-Review Stage

In 2016, P.O.R.T. put out a research call with help from Bowel and Cancer Research, and we received three proposals. In November, the Bowel and Cancer Research Committee and P.O.R.T decided to proceed to the next stage with one research proposal. This has gone out to peer review, and if successful, P.O.R.T. will be funding another exciting piece of research.

It is fantastic that P.O.R.T. has support from the well-established charity B&CR and the use of their research committee, as it allowed us to put out our first research call, and to have the committee vet the proposals submitted, along with P.O.R.T’s input. It means we have a way to progress with the help of B&CR to make sure we make the best decisions about potential research and have access to everything we need to succeed as a research-funding charity.


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