PORT sent out the annual research call on July 11th. We are hoping for numerous applications and hope to be in a position to fund several. The deadline is 2nd September for shortlisting in December, and then projects would commence in early 2023.

In order to fund one research project, PORT needs to raise £50,000. Could you, your place of work or someone you know help us to raise the vital funds for essential research?

In 2016, P.O.R.T. put out a research call with help from Bowel and Cancer Research, and we received three proposals. In November, the Bowel and Cancer Research Committee and P.O.R.T decided to proceed to the next stage with one research proposal. This has gone out to peer review, and if successful, P.O.R.T. will be funding another exciting piece of research.

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P.O.R.T. Trustee Lucy put together an Impact Report for our 10th Anniversary, looking back on the first ten years of P.O.R.T’s work. We are exceptionally proud of our charity and how it has progressed over the ten years, with our research and equipment funding total reaching £320,234 – and with an exciting potential research project, and another potential piece of work for P.O.R.T. to fund both in the proposal stages.

You can read our 10th Anniversary Impact report here.

There is a shortened version which is available here.

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