P.O.R.T London Marathon Runners Raise £7,000

Rakesh Patel and Paul Waldock, our wonderful London Marathon runners for 2017, raised more than £7,000 for P.O.R.T. We were very lucky to get a silver bond place, which Rakesh agreed to fulfil and run for us and Paul had applied for a place and chosen to run for P.O.R.T.

Here is what Rakesh said about running the Marathon for P.O.R.T:

“It was a great pleasure for me to run the 2017 London Marathon to support P.O.R.T and raise not only money but awareness for the charity which Sue Stewart works tirelessly and in comparison to the work Sue undertakes for P.O.R.T, running was nothing – just a real honour for me.”

Paul ran the Marathon for P.O.R.T as part of #TeamBob. When asked why he decided to run for P.O.R.T,  he said:

“I wanted to help out close friends to promote a charity and help the only way I could for Robbie & P.O.R.T and was glad to be part of #TeamBob.”


Thank you to Rakesh and Paul for their hard work and training and for raising such a fantastic amount for PORT Charity.









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