For Patients


P.O.R.T. may primarily be a research trust, however we also support patients with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, with other motility disorders such as Severe Dysmotility as well as a common complication of these conditions, Intestinal Failure.

P.O.R.T. is here to support patients, whether by email, by phone or via our popular Facebook Support Group.


Here we will provide with you some resources which you may find useful. We hope to produce more in the future.

The Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Information Booklet

PORT’s CIPO Booklet September 2015 Final (< click to view)


P.O.R.T. Newsletters:

PORT newsletter August 2014 (< click to view)


P.O.R.T. 10th Anniversary Impact Report

PORT Impact Report Image

View the 10th Anniversary Impact Report – click here

View the short-version 10th Anniversary Impact Report – click here


P.O.R.T. Information Day 2015 – Videos

Below are the videos from our Patient Information Day in October 2015. Our patients found the event very useful, so we hope you will enjoy being able to view the talks given by professionals, as well as two patients.

Professor Qasim Aziz talks about Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction


Dr Nikhil Thapar talks about CIPO Research


Dr Nigel Meadows talks about CIPO in children and young people


Dr Adam Farmer talks about the investigation and management of CIPO


Dr Michael Glynn talks about nutrition in CIPO


Dr Jayne Gallagher talks about pain and management of pain in CIPO


Lucy Watts MBE talks about her experiences with CIPO and transition into adult services


Richard Cazenove talks about his experiences with CIPO