Paediatric Manometry Catheters – GI Physiology Unit

PORT are pleased to be donating £20,000 to purchase two combined pressure-impedance catheters for The Royal London Hospital. The catheters allows simultaneous measurements of pressure (motility) and flow (impedance) in the stomach and intestine. The combined pressure-impedance catheters are very thin and will be used for paediatric patients. They incorporate both pressure sensors and impedance electrodes. The catheters will be used in research in children with suspected intestinal pseudo obstruction. The catheters will increase the understanding of gastro-intestinal motility and transit in paediatric patients.

Our thanks to Prof Daniel Sifrim, Dr Nigel Meadows, and Dr David Rawat of Barts and The Royal London for advising PORT with this project.

Sue Stewart

Chairperson PORT