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The Hilton Edinburg Carlton are now supPORTing P.O.R.T. We are their chosen charity for this year, a partnership we are delighted to have. We hope the partnership between ourselves and the Hilton Edinburgh will lead to more awareness and fundraising to allow us to continue funding our vital research.

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Ford Dagenham have chosen P.O.R.T as one of their charities of the year. Recently they held a Diversity Day where P.O.R.T was in attendance to raise awareness and they raised money for us through the Diversity Day as well as the proceeds of a Soccer Saturday Football donated by Scott Minto. The combination of these raised a fantastic £861.04 for P.O.R.T and we are excited to see what the future holds in our partnership with Ford Dagenham.  

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Rakesh Patel and Paul Waldock, our wonderful London Marathon runners for 2017, raised more than £7,000 for P.O.R.T. We were very lucky to get a silver bond place, which Rakesh agreed to fulfil and run for us and Paul had applied for a place and chosen to run for P.O.R.T.

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P.O.R.T. is delighted to be able to say that Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction is included as a condition on the 100,000 Genomes Project, which we hope will lead to finding the underlying cause of CIPO and hopefully lead to treatments. Here is some information about the project and what it may mean for patients with CIPO.

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In 2016, P.O.R.T. put out a research call with help from Bowel and Cancer Research, and we received three proposals. In November, the Bowel and Cancer Research Committee and P.O.R.T decided to proceed to the next stage with one research proposal. This has gone out to peer review, and if successful, P.O.R.T. will be funding another exciting piece of research.

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Would you like to get fit and do a walk that’ll make a big difference to a small charity? Well you can! The Colourthon, a walk around Southend, Westcliff and Chalkwell takes place on Saturday 1st July 2017, setting off at 6pm from Chalkwell Park. You have the option of the main event, the Moonlight Colourthon, a half marathon (13+ miles), or the shorter Twilight Colourthon, a 10k (6.1 mile) course, taking many of the same sights as the Moonlight but over a shorter distance.

P.O.R.T. gather walkers every year for the Colourthon, so you’ll be part of the #TEAMPORT and we will provide a P.O.R.T. embroidered sash and blue tutu skirt for the event – but better still, gather a group of your friends and have a great time out whilst raising money for P.O.R.T. in the process! You will need to raise sponsorship, and there are bonuses for the person with the most money raised, and the best dressed.

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P.O.R.T has teamed up with A Bear Named Buttony to provide our P.O.R.T. children (and some adults) with a Buttony Bear, which mirrors their recipient, with buttons in place of tubes, and stoma bags just like the person. We are very grateful to Jenny Gow for supporting us and our remarkable children. The Bears are more than just for comfort, however. Not only do they bring comfort to a child, having a teddy just like them, but they can be an aid to explaining bags and tubes to their siblings, friends or to children in their school.

We are very proud to be able to have Buttony Bears to bring comfort to the children we support.

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