• Sue Stewart


    Sue has 4 daughters & 4 grandchildren. Two of her daughters have severe gut dysmotility, Becky, has CIPO. Sue set up the charity with Sonia, in 2006, after they met at The Royal London Hospital.

  • Sonia Frost


    Sonia is the mother of Samuel & “Angel” Emily, who passed away from CIPO complications at the age of 2. Sonia and Sue have become close friends since meeting at the Royal London Hospital.

  • Dr Nigel Meadows MD FRCPCH


    Nigel, a consultant gastroenterologist for 30 years, established the department at The Royal London Hospital, and specialised in intestinal dysmotility. He’s a keen supporter of PORT,  & it’s funding of research.

  • Barry Stewart


    Barry has worked in the Investment & Financial Services industry for over 30 years. He has now retired, so is able to devote more time to raising PORT’s profile, and fundraising.

  • Ian Frost


    Ian is ‘Angel’ Emily’s dad, and is a Senior Supervisor at Ford Motor Company where he has worked for the last 20 years.

  • Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson


    Kilian has a son, Charlie, who has CIPO. Kilian is a software consultant, rugby player & family man! He’s keen to raise funds & the profile of PORT!

  • Becky Stanier


    Becky is Sue's daughter, diagnosed with CIPO age 14 and is a Personal Assistant to the Chairman of Southend United Football Club.

  • Ashlee Johnson


    Ashlee is mum to Isla, who suffers from CIPO. Ashlee understands what it's like to be a parent of a child with the condition.

  • Abby Andrews


    Abby’s daughter Phoebe had severe dysmotility her whole life and spent many years in hospital, suffering from this painful and debilitating condition. Sadly, Phoebe died in January 2022, just after her 13th birthday. PORT supported Abby over many years and she wanted to give back.