Becky can never remember eating without it causing her pain. This pain can vary but at times is so severe it causes her to collapse. We noticed the pattern of “after eating” pain occuring when Becky was approximately 5 years old. We constantly visited our local doctor a paediatrician and on numerous occasions ended up at casualty but no one could find a reason for the pain. Becky got on with her life the best she could always suffering pain. When Becky was 8 years old she developed a growth in her mouth, she was referred to an oral surgeon who informed us that her saliva gland needed to be removed. The growth was sent for biopsy, the result was an unexplained trauma that caused the cyst to grow, the cyst was benign.

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Our beautiful Emily was born on 21st March 2003, the hospital visits started pretty much straight away. Emily was a “sicky” baby and wasn’t interested in feeding, She always seemed to be underweight, lots of
coughs and colds and infections. At 5 weeks Emily bled heavily from her bowel, we were transferred to The Royal London Hospital, initially it was thought that Emily had an intussuseption – where the bowel folds in on
itself. Eventually it was concluded that it was caused by a milk allergy, so I had to stop breastfeeding and Emily was started on a part  digested formula.

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I had been fit and healthy weighing about 12st through all my younger years and indeed for the first half of my working life. In my early forties I first suffered severe stomach pains on an occasional basis which gradually became more frequent. This was in the early 80’s

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