P.O.R.T grant funding for Dr Adam Farmer’s EVASION-CIPO project has been announced on the University Hospitals of North Midlands website. They have celebrated our prestigious grant and highlighted the fact that rare conditions need research just as much as the common conditions do.

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Today P.O.R.T held a stand at the Big Bowel Event in Birmingham, run by Bowel & Cancer Research. It was a success, lots of awareness raised for P.O.R.T, people educated about Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction and Dysmotility and we also had the chance to raise awareness of the charity with researchers and dedicated professionals.

People were very interested in the charity and its work, many of whom commented that they had never heard of Pseudo Obstruction and wanted to know what it was, but everyone who asked about the charity were amazed at our achievements – more than £400,000 of research funded in 11 years and more projects in the pipeline and a growing support network of patients in the U.K. and around the world, enabling us to reach more and more people with CIPO/Dysmotility and their families.

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