Our six-year old son Alby became ill in June 2015, with what seemed like a tummy bug.  He was still vomiting (mostly bile) and in severe pain with a bloated tummy three weeks later .  The doctors assured us it was just a bad tummy bug, but our gut instincts told us something else was going on.

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P.O.R.T has teamed up with A Bear Named Buttony to provide our P.O.R.T. children (and some adults) with a Buttony Bear, which mirrors their recipient, with buttons in place of tubes, and stoma bags just like the person. We are very grateful to Jenny Gow for supporting us and our remarkable children. The Bears are more than just for comfort, however. Not only do they bring comfort to a child, having a teddy just like them, but they can be an aid to explaining bags and tubes to their siblings, friends or to children in their school.

We are very proud to be able to have Buttony Bears to bring comfort to the children we support.

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PORT Impact Report Image

P.O.R.T. Trustee Lucy put together an Impact Report for our 10th Anniversary, looking back on the first ten years of P.O.R.T’s work. We are exceptionally proud of our charity and how it has progressed over the ten years, with our research and equipment funding total reaching £320,234 – and with an exciting potential research project, and another potential piece of work for P.O.R.T. to fund both in the proposal stages.

You can read our 10th Anniversary Impact report here.

There is a shortened version which is available here.

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Isla since birth has always had a problem when It comes to feeding, she didn’t just have a bottle and settle she had a bottle and cry for hours or be sick. She was started On the basic of reflux meds and numerous different milks but nothing seemed to work.

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Charlie was born 4 days overdue on the 28th August 2008.  Due to prolonged labour with no progression and a drop in Charlie’s heart rate, he ended up being born by emergency caesarian section.

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Ella was born on the evening of 18th February 2009. At the time we were discharged from the hospital, twenty-four hours later, she had only taken a couple of ounces of milk. The midwives re-assured us that some babies are slow to feed and that she will be fine.

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Lukie 001

Lucas (we call him Luke or Lukie) was born May 13th 2008 as a healthy full term baby. Luke never ate as much as we tried to force him. On day 2 we realized he had never passed meconium (the first stool that most babies pass with in the first few hours of being born). That night the gas built up and put pressure on his lungs causing him to turn blue and needed oxygen.

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